COVID-19 information


Dear clients, 

Due to the ongoing situation with coronavirus, we have modified the payment conditions and policies for you to ease your concerns. 

Health comes first, so until the end of the emergency statement, the following applies: 

You can move your current reservation, which cannot be made due to an emergency (force majeure), to a later available date. The deposit you have already paid will be used for a new booking. If the price of the new booking exceeds the original price, the difference will need to be paid. The price difference for the cheaper rental period is not refundable.

In case your trip cannot be realized due to an emergency (force majeure).
The deposit you have already paid will be credited to your credit and you can later use it for your new booking. 


We’re here for you! If you have any questions, please contact us. 

tel .: +420 602 502 602
e-mail: info@orbitasailing.com 


In case of a new reservation:
–  Deposit upon signing the contract 15% of the total price!
–  Subsequently 35% 40 days after the first payment.
–  The remaining 50% 7 days before departure. 


We wish you all good health, we believe that you are all right, and we hope to overcome it as soon as possible. 


Team Orbita Sailing


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